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Dating Secrets

Dear adult entertainment fan,

Yes, that is me in the picture.I may not be the most attractive guy or have the most money but ive figured out a method that makes can attract any girl to me instantly(must be my hair!)  If you are at this page you are just like me a fan of adult entertainment and the hot women in it! I used to watch all the videos with famous pornstars like Jenna Jameson and Asia Carerra.  I would always think how great it would feel to have one of those girls in real life instead of watching it on video.

I wasn't blessed with the greatest looks or made much money but i set out on a journey to discover just what it is that makes a woman attracted to a man. Along my journey i found some obvious things about women but one day i stumbuled upon a webpage that completely shocked me, it revealed how to attract drop the gorgeous women without having the money,power or looks.   I have to admit at first I was skeptical and i didnt believe it. As i thought about the benefits of having any girl i want, knowing what to say to girls to get them instantly attracted and enjoying a variety of sex partners would bring alot of happiness to my life. I  began to apply the exact techniques that are outlined step by step in the book below and to my surprise women could not get enough of me.

However it did take about a week to become fully familiar with the material (the book states 3 days). I didnt mind though, my persistance paid off. I was shocked at how simple but powerful the information i have was.  After two weeks I was geting a new date every other day from high quality girls such as models, waitresses and bar tenders.Everyone was jealous of me and asked me what my secrets to success was but i could not share it with them at the time for fear of the secret getting out of control. But as time went in i decided to give back to people what i learned so that you can experience the same joy and satisfaction with being able to pick up and attract any girl you want. If you want to learn more about how i did this please read carefully below because this could be one of the most important messages of your life.


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"I'm in my mid/late twenties and haven't had a proper girlfriend or even a date for about 6 years. I went bald at 21 and put a little weight on. I couldn't understand how any woman would want a small, fat, bald and penniless guy so my confidence fell out as fast as my hair. You have helped pick me up and helped me meet Tracy, she's the most beautiful girl and I really think I love her. Why she's want me I will never know but I'm guessing it has something to do with your guide. Thank you for showing me you don't have to be rich, good-looking or funny to get a great girl. I'll write to let you know if we get married!"

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